Social media graphics

Social media graphics

The Hospital Employees’ Union marks dozens of special days throughout the year with a message of awareness or solidarity. Some are part of wider campaigns, while others are standalone social media images. Colorful, simple, highly visual and easily shareable is the goal.

A comprehensive campaign during the BC 2017 provincial election was aimed at encouraging union members to vote in support of a public health care system. Members of the HEU provincial executive provided testimonials and shared their concerns about the future of health care.

Inspiring members to get out and vote is even more important than how they vote. Along with a second series of more general-interest healthcare-themed graphics, we also generated shareables on how to vote, deadlines, eligibility and early voting options, including text in the post with links and details.

These two clients wanted high-impact shareable social media graphics with arresting visual images and clear messages to support their campaigns. I wrote the messages, sourced the stock images and designed the ads.

The BC Insulators wanted to mark labour’s Day of Mourning for workers killed and injured on the job by highlighting their funding for research into asbestos-related disease. Although asbestos has been largely banned in Canada, because of its long incubation period, it continues to be the leading cause of work-related deaths.

Many workers are retired by the time they are diagnosed. We don’t want them to be forgotten.

Canadian Veterans ABC waged a campaign during the federal election to draw attention to the Conservatives’ failure to support returning soldiers. These simple statements and evocative images tell the story of veterans who felt abandoned by the government they served, and believed most Canadians wanted better.