Web design

Visual design for the web

The web is a noisy environment with many distractions. An effective design captures and directs the user’s attention, with visual calls to action, strong and relevant images, dynamic content, and clear and consistent wayfinding.

Most importantly, it tells the user what to do next.

Design flows from a discovery process that starts with your communications goals. If you’re not clear what you want to the user to do, they won’t know either!

Working with a client, together we:

  • clarify, articulate and prioritize their communications goals
  • identify their audiences
  • build an inventory of brand assets including visual identity, key messages, social media, and positioning in their market or community

Brand identity

A group may already have an extensive existing brand and style guide. Other groups have only a logo — or even just a name. The approach is similar.

We review the style guide, assess other communications pieces, and talk about how to adapt the brand to this site’s purpose, positioning and audience. Can the brand speak in different ways to different audiences? Be foregrounded or backgrounded? How can a branded site look both fresh and familiar?

If there is no brand, we are still building a visual identity. Using communications or marketing goals and audience personas, we generate a “look and feel”, applying a colour palette, sourcing images, developing graphic elements, and choosing typefaces to create an evocative visual environment that shows us who you are.

Technical considerations

The online technical environment also shapes and directs the visual design: Usability trends, responsive design, and functionality and accessibility requirements all need to be considered.

Key messaging and writing for the web

Crafting written content is an essential part of the visual design. Type and graphic treatments for text work together with the content and its functionality.

Buttons, menus, calls to action, key messages, excerpts, landing pages and longer content pages will all require language shaped in specific ways. Keeping all the writing consistent in tone and personality across the site, no matter its length and purpose, will create a seamless and pleasing user experience.

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