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Girls Speak Out Facilitators’ Guide

This 150-page handbook, developed for the BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre for both print and online use, guides facilitators in building support groups for young women who are experiencing abuse in their relationships.

Download the Girls Speak Out guide.


CUPE BC Public Employee

This magazine for CUPE BC’s 85,000 members is published three times a year. We have been producing Public Employee since 2003; we have redesigned it once and carried out two design refreshes.

A flexible yet consistent page template design allows the editor and contributors to choose and write content that fits the space, eliminating the need for rewrites, and maintaining the design integrity of the magazine.

I worked closely with the editor, accommodating different and new types of content, designing display ads, and creating new spaces and elements, while sustaining a clean and consistent reading experience for the members.

The magazine highlights CUPE news and member activism in their union and communities, with all photos supplied by members and staff.

Download the Spring 2016 issue.

Book covers


Ad campaign

This new seniors’ residence in Langley wanted to appeal to active folk. The developer’s research showed that seniors in the Fraser Valley weren’t content to stay put in the first residence they found.

They talked to each other about the best places to live, and they were willing to move to find good meals and a fun social life. Sunridge wanted to quickly establish a brand that appealed to this market.

This campaign features a series of newspaper ads and mailers focusing on companionship, delicious meals and a little romance. They also use images of real people who live in the Bria Communities.

We brainstormed dozens of “testimonials” on the key themes. I art directed a photo shoot at the residence, and we then chose and integrated images. We also generated the taglines “Retirement. Living!” and “You’ll like living here!”


This real estate development company launched a social intranet for its staff, using the Jostle platform. I designed the visual identity and customized elements for the interface, as well as designing posters for the workplaces.


A newly formed litigation firm focusing on environmental issues needed an identity. Their acronym offered an opportunity to explore the cell concept, which symbolizes interconnectivity, organization and the natural world.



This group of construction unions wanted to focus on the community building power of a strong labour movement: training, job security and a diverse workforce help maintain strong communities and a future for families in resource communities. For this full page community newspaper ad, I used real photos of union members, and brought in the GPS location icon to suggest a sense of place and home.

Print and digital campaign

The Hospital Employees’ Union’s “United For Fairness” campaign demands fair working conditions for healthcare workers contracted to private care corporations. With workers spread throughout dozens of small facilities, we needed to reach them with a variety of materials, maintain morale, and provide support materials to help them speak to colleagues, media and employers about their concerns. Leaflets and posters for the workplace, a pledge card to build solidarity, testimonials, social media messages, and signs to use for selfies and social media shares were all branded with the campaign’s distinctive orange and feature bold and resolute images of workers.