Writing and editing

Writing and editing

Crafting compelling messages, writing clear, information-rich language, and shaping and editing supplied content has been a key part of most of my communications projects.

Most organizations have a mission statement, a positioning statement, or a set of objectives.

They know what they’re offering their members, customers or audiences, and what they want them to do.

But how to convert what’s often a weighty statement into an accessible, engaging message or a compelling call to action?

Here are some of my key approaches

  • Writing rich language in which every word matters
  • Knowing the audience
  • Understanding how readers interact with both print and online materials
  • Being clear about the “ask” for calls to action
  • Creating a consistent tone and personality in the writing
  • Integrating visual and written content to strengthen and unify the message
  • Distilling a hierarchy of information types, and creating a consistent and pleasing experience for the reader

I work with:

  • concept development and key messaging for online communications
  • taglines
  • social media shareables
  • keyword-rich online content
  • new stories and headlines
  • press releases
  • copy editing
  • proofreading

I’m also a creative writer

  • Twice chosen for the SFU Praxis Screenwriting Fellowship
  • Quarterfinalist for an Academy Nicholl Fellowship
  • Experience story editing and script reviewing
  • Nominated for the Journey Prize Anthology and a Western Magazine Award for fiction